Children’s Storage: Finding Solutions for Multiple Children

Children’s storage is essential in any house with children, especially if you have more than one child.  Children start small, with just a few tiny clothes and rattles.  But that collection will expand with time.  Noisy toys, puzzles, games, cars, dolls, and clothes all add up over time.  Without constant management, this toy collection will eventually take over the entire house!

There are several solutions.  The first thing almost any parent needs to do is pare down the toy collection.  Going through the toys can be difficult, especially due to sentimental reasons.  But there are usually some toys that are broken that can go.  If your children are older, you can even consider letting them have their own garage sale.  It makes cutting down the existing toys a little easier.

If there are still too many toys for the space, you may want to think about doing a toy rotation.  This works well in our house.  We split the toys into several bins, and every few weeks we switch which toys are out.  The rest of them are put into storage.  The only problem with this is it takes about an hour to change out the toys.  However, it gives us a chance to sterilize toys if anyone has been sick and get rid of things that have become broken.

Once you have a reasonable number of toys in the main play area, then you can decide on what sort of storage you want to do.  There are toy boxes, baskets, bins, bookshelves, and storage furniture.  What you choose to use will depend on your space and what sort of decorating you want to do.

If the toys are in a main area, like a living room, you may want to put them into a piece of storage furniture, like a storage ottoman.  Baskets can also be an attractive solution if you have the room.  We have furniture that sits off the ground, so low baskets slide easily underneath.  This makes it easy to pick up toys quickly at the end of the day, as the kids can easily reach where they put the toys away at.

In a dedicated playroom or bedroom, you can look at more kid oriented options.  Colorful bins and toy boxes can be fun.  There are even toy boxes that double as play equipment.  We have a toy box in the playroom that looks like a castle, making it perfect for setting up action figures and acting out dragon attacks.

For clothing, you also have a number of options.  What you choose to use will depend on how many kids you have.  Clothing that is in current use can go into the dresser or closet.  With more than one child, you probably want to have some system in place to handle hand me downs.  Also, you may want a system to take care of clothing that is bought ahead of time.

Photo by Joe Shlabotnik via Flickr

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