Children’s Storage Bins – Which Ones Should You Use?

childrens storage binsOne easy way to keep toys organized is through children’s storage bins. But which ones do you use? There are a lot of good choices out there.

Bins can be more convenient than a traditional toy box for several reasons. First, you can keep small toys from getting mixed up. With a good labeling system, you can mark which bin your children should put the toys in. For example, legos can go in one, while doll clothes go in another. You can then encourage your children to put their own toys away. Expect them to get mixed up a little, especially with young children.

You can also use children’s storage bins to keep your children accountable for the mess they make. So you can make a rule like, “Put away one bin before you get out another.” This keeps things more organized and less overwhelming when time to clean up arrives.

There are a lot of good choices out there.  The one pictured above is a traditional option that usually costs around $50-60 new.  You can also find them at mom to mom sales for around $25, depending on the condition.  You can also find the bins and shelves in different colors.

Then there are some nontraditional options.  I especially like this bookcase with bins.  You can recreate this look yourself with an girls storage bookcaseinexpensive bookshelf and a collection of collapsible canvas bins.  These  usually cost around $7 each.  There are also hard plastic bins, but these are harder to find in the right size.

There are also cubes and other interesting looking ways of organizing your children’s toys.  You can even use them for a nontraditional clothes storage option – especially under a changing table.  We did this with baskets.  However, the clothes had a tendency to get dumped out by toddlers, so be forewarned!

All in all, children’s storage bins are excellent for small toy storage.  With a little creativity, you can design a storage solution that fits your children’s needs as well as your own decor!

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