Children’s Storage Beds

childrens storage bedOne of the best ways to save space in the bedroom is by utilizing the space under the bed. Children’s storage beds can provide an attractive and elegant way to store out of season clothing, toys, and extra blankets. When you have more than one child in a bedroom, this can be especially helpful.

Now, you can buy beds with a drawer already built in underneath, or you can seek out different methods to store things under the bed. If your bed does not have a drawer built in, you may need to use bed lifter in order to make the bed high enough for some storage baskets. So the most convenient option, if you have it, is to buy a bed with the drawers built in.

We have three boys in one bedroom, so we’re researching a bunk bed/storage solution. Many of the beds we’ve seen have desks and dressers built into the side. For us, an extra dresser would be nice because there is only so much you can fit into a 12×12 room!

If you are just getting a toddler bed, you can find several models available online. These are not too difficult to put together, and shipping tends to be free. If you can find a deal from Amazon, you’ll end up saving yourself time and money!

If you want to save some space in the bedroom, I would definitely recommend investigating children’s storage beds!

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